Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More New Finds!

Once again, I've  found more fun info. to pass along to all of you! 
domestic ease joined Bella Dreams as a follower, so of course, I hopped on over to check them out.  Tons of wonderful info. for all of us women!  That is ALSO where I found THIS delightful web site!

This room is just too much fun!  There's a tutorial on how to make the pallet bed.  Which I can tell you, almost any kid would love!

But what really got my attention, were the paper lanterns and flowers hanging from the ceiling!  Perfect for a wedding, bridal shower, or just how they were used here!  Sooooo clever!!!


  1. Hi Denise, This blog look verry nice with all the great pic's. I do like the pic's of all that delicious candy! Have a good day...Julian

  2. i love the paper laterns too.. hmmm. might take that idea!

  3. Oh man, I am sure you have a photographer... I would love to shoot this wedding!!!